The Ironmarch Collection


The Ironmarch Collection is a complete collection of books from the now defunct forum Ironmarch.




$10 domestic shipping (we use a USPS Priority Mail Envelope, we understand it’s a bit pricey but at the moment we don’t feel comfortable going media mail or first class USPS as those vary wildly by location, weight, etc. So issue arises over a flat price to charge for that without making you feel like you got scammed because shipping was $3.77 but you paid $5.)

Free Concealment Service:

We’re aware that many readers of The American Futurist are under 18 and might have family that is hostile to the products we sell. As such we offer a free concealment service. That includes concealing the items ordered, putting a fake return address on the product to prevent look up that directly leads to the publication, and you including an email on your order form so as to allow us to email you your tracking number so you know exactly when the order is arriving.


No Refunds.

Free PDF:

We have a policy that any book we sell physically, you can download the PDF of that book for free. We never charge for e-books as we believe that’s jewish and morally wrong. Click below for download.

Download here!

Send Cash or Blank USPS Money Order to:

AF Inc.
PO Box 3953
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